Fleet Spurs Constitution

Constitution of Fleet Spurs & Fleet Spurs Youth Football Clubs
The Clubs shall be called ‘Fleet Spurs Football Club’ and ‘Fleet Spurs Youth Football Club’
and each shall be affiliated to the Hampshire Football Association.
Their objects shall be to: –
2.1 Teach their members the skills of Association Football
2.2 Provide matches of Association Football for their members
2.3 Organise social and recreational pursuits as may be deemed desirable by the
2.4 Recruit players annually, ensuring equal opportunities are made available to all members
of the community, recognising that inequalities exist and taking all steps to address these,
using the clubs’ equity policy as the guideline.
3.1 The Officers for the senior and youth sections shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman,
General Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Officer, and – for the
youth section – a Child Protection Officer. In addition each committee shall have a
representative of either the senior or youth committee (as applies) as a voting and
reporting member.
3.2 The Officers shall be appointed annually for each season by each Committee and ratified
at the A.G.M.
4.1 The Senior Club and the Youth Club shall each be managed by a Committee. (The
Committee shall be comprised of the Officers, all Squad Managers and a Representative
from Fleet Spurs F.C or Fleet Spurs Youth F.C., and any other member appointed and
ratified at the relevant A.G.M.).
4.2 Each member of a Committee shall have one vote on the debated issues,
irrespective of positions on the Committee held by that person. The Chairman shall have
a casting vote in the event of a tie.
4.4 The Committees shall meet monthly, and the proceedings at such meetings shall be duly
recorded. At these meetings a quorum shall consist of more than a third of the members
of the Committee.
4.5 Each Committee shall arrange for an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) to be held
between the months of June and August. Each Senior Club member, or parent/guardian
of a Youth Club member, shall receive an invitation either in writing, by email notification
or by verbal notice at a full Club Function, not less than 14 days before the appointed
5.1 The property and /or assets of the Clubs shall be vested in the Committees.
5.2 Each Committee shall have the power to:-
5.2.1 Appoint such sub committees and co-opt such persons to the main
Committee in a non-voting capacity from time to time as may be deemed
necessary, and receive reports of such sub-committees at its meetings.
5.2.2 Accept candidates for membership of the Club at its discretion.
5.2.3 Suspend or expel any member, Officer or Squad Manager of the Club
deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the Club. Upon
written notification of an intention to suspend or expel, the affected member,
Officer or Squad Manager shall be given an opportunity to answer the
complaint against him/her. Where the complaint is against a playing member
the member may be represented by his/her parent/guardian.
5.2.4 Declare a seat on the Committee vacant should a person be absent from
three (3) consecutive meetings of the Committee without an explanation
deemed satisfactory to the Committee, and thereafter to appoint a new
person to the relevant seat.
6.1 Each year Youth Club membership shall be open to any boy or girl under 18 years of age
on 1st September that year.
6.2 Senior Club membership shall be open to any player who seeks to gain coaching and
matches at adult level, with preference being given to those moving from the youth
6.3 Boys’ and girls’ youth membership shall be within the specified Age Groups (viz. under
18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7) and shall be for a period of one year from
1st September.
6.4 Senior Club membership shall be on the basis of eligibility and an agreement to play for
all club Squads.
6.5 Candidates for membership must attend pre-season selection trials, if held, and must be
proposed by the Squad Manager of the respective senior team or age group through a
fully completed Fleet Spurs Registration / Medical Form and a relevant League
registration form.
6.6 An Annual Register of Members, containing details of emergency contact information,
phone, address and email, shall be kept by both Senior and Youth General Secretaries.
6.7 Under 7, 8, & 9 players will be involved with ‘Mini Soccer’ or any other mandatory format,
as advised by the F.A.
7.1 The annual subscription to each Club shall be established by the relevant Committee with
due regard to the anticipated and expected costs for the forthcoming year.
7.2 Subscriptions shall be collected by the Squad Manager or other appointed Club Official
and paid to the Club Treasurer by 30th September of each season, or as agreed by the
relevant Committee
7.3 The Committee, on application by a Squad Manager, may extend the payment period or
decrease the membership fee required for any playing member in any Cases which may
be deemed an ‘exceptional circumstance’. In these cases no indication shall be made in
the Club accounts.
8.1 Each Committee shall administer a fund for the benefit of that section of the Club only,
and shall keep properly recorded accounts, which shall be reported on at each
Committee meeting by the Treasurer.
8.2 Official receipts must be obtained for any expenditure incurred by an authorised
Committee member and handed to the Treasurer, and the Treasurer shall receipt all
moneys received.
8.3 The Committee shall authorise cheques to be signed up to and including £150 by the
Treasurer or one of two nominated Committee members (together known as “the three
authorised signatories”). All other cheques to be signed after completion by any two of the
three authorised signatories
8.3.1 All moneys, both Club and Squad accounts, will be held in two accounts, one
for the Senior Club and one for the Youth Club, with a registered bank or
building society.
8.3.2 All Squad moneys will be held in memorandum accounts by the Treasurer.
8.3.3 Moneys held in the Squad accounts are for the sole use of the particular
8.3.4 No moneys held in the memorandum account will be transferred either to
another Squad or the main account unless specifically authorised by the
relevant Squad Manager, other than in exceptional circumstances and then
by order of the Committee. In these cases the relevant Squad Manager has
the right of appeal to the Committee before the transfer is made.
8.3.5 The Treasurer shall maintain such records as necessary and provide a
statement to each individual Squad as and when required or requested.
8.3.6 Squad Managers can withdraw moneys from their own account as and when
8.3.7 If any Squad ceases to be operative, all moneys held in its account will be
transferred to the main Club account, subject to Committee approval, unless
otherwise instructed by the relevant Squad Manager. However the
Committee shall have the right to transfer such moneys without consent if the
relevant Squad owes subscriptions for the season or if the Squad has any
other debt to the Club.
8.3.8 Each Youth Squad will hold an annual penalty prize competition at which a
minimum amount agreed at a Committee meeting shall be raised by each
individual Squad and paid to the Treasurer.
9.1 The Club shall initially pay any fines or administration charges demanded by the Wessex
League, The Aldershot and District Saturday League, the NEHYL, the Hampshire F.A, or
any other registered body.
9.2 The Committee shall have the right to demand payment from the player or Manager
responsible for incurring the fine or administration charge, or in the case of a player under
the statutory school leaving age from his/her parent/guardian. The Committee shall have
the right to suspend a player or Manager from his Club duties until such payment has
been made and cleared by the Club’s bankers.
10.1 Fleet Spurs playing colours shall be:-
Blue Shorts – Blue Socks – Red/Navy Shirts of the clubs generic design
Alternative colours will be Yellow or White shirts or Red / Black Stripes, or as notified to
the relevant League.
Fleet Spurs Youth playing colours shall be :-
Blue Shorts – Blue Socks – Red/Navy Shirts of the clubs generic design
Alternative colours will be Red or White shirts or Red / Black Stripes, or as notified to the
relevant League
10.2 All kit will be purchased through the club ensuring an audit trail is maintained. If
sponsorship is available the monies shall be paid to the treasurer and sit in the squad
account until required. Any surplus money will remain in the squad account.
10.3 The Committees shall make their best endeavours to organise up to four senior men’s
sides and one senior women’s side to play at the highest standard available on
Saturdays, and at least one youth boys’ and one youth girls’ squad in each age group
from Under 7 to Under 18 to play in the NEHYL or another suitable league.
10.4 Each Youth Squad shall be selected by the respective Squad Manager and the squad
shall consist of a maximum of 20 players unless restricted by league rule.
10.5 All senior players shall be required to play in the team deemed most suitable to the club.
10.6 Each Senior Club team shall play in either the Wessex League or the Aldershot & District
Saturday Football league. If in any one season the Wessex League or the Aldershot &
District Saturday Football league does not organise a league suitable for a particular
team, or for any other reason subject to the agreement of the Senior Club committee, an
alternative league shall be sought.
10.7 Each Youth Squad shall play in the NEHYL. If in any one season the NEHYL does not
organise a league for a particular age group, or for any other reason subject to the
agreement of the full committee, an alternative league shall be sought.
10.8 Each team shall participate in all competitions organised by their League and also in the
respective Hampshire County Cup competition.
10.9 Each Committee shall ensure that pitch and training facilities and requisite kit (playing
strips, match and training balls) are available, whether provided by the Club or a sponsor,
to each Squad Manager.
Each Squad shall be run by an appointed responsible person – the Squad Manager – whose
duties shall be identified by an agreed job description (see addendum).
12.1 The Senior Club Committee shall organise an Annual Awards Night at which the ‘Young
Player of the Year’, the ‘Clubman of the Year’, and the ‘Player of the Year’ for each team
will be presented.
12.2 Each Squad Manager shall submit to the Event Organiser, by the appointed date, a full
list of matches played with a record of individual appearances and goals scored in each
competition, for inclusion in the Awards Night programme.
12.3 No other awards shall be presented at the Awards Night, unless agreed specifically and
in advance by the Committee.
12.4 The Youth Club Committee shall organise an Annual Awards Night at which the
‘Manchester Trophy’, ‘Clubman of the Year Trophy’, ‘David Black Trophy’ and ‘John
Whapshott Trophies’ will be presented together with ‘Player of the Year’, ‘Special Award’
and ‘Penalty King’ awards. In addition each member shall receive a participation award.
12.5 Each Squad Manager shall submit to the Event Organiser’ by the appointed date’ a full
list of matches played with a record of individual appearances and goals scored in each
competition, for inclusion in the Awards Night programme.
12.6 No other awards shall be presented at the Awards Night, unless agreed specifically and
in advance by the Committee.
Fleet Spurs and Fleet Spurs Youth recognise the importance of child protection within both
senior and youth sections, and have appointed a Child Protection Officer whose responsibility
is the ensure all section of the club work within the Child Protection ‘best practice’ and Code
of Conduct guidelines as laid down by the F.A.
13.2 The Child Protection Officer will ensure each player, coach, manager, volunteer and
parent is aware of the Code of Conduct.
14.1 A Kit Manager shall be appointed by each Committee and shall be responsible for
keeping an inventory of all kit whether held by Squad Managers or centrally.
All property including kit, match balls etc. is the sole property of the relevant sections known
as FLEET SPURS FOOTBALL CLUB or FLEET SPURS YOUTH F.C. and is not transferable.
This also includes items that are normally supplied through the Club but have been provided
to the Squad by a sponsor.
In the event of the Youth Club’s dissolution, all outstanding monies will go to the Alexander
Devine Children’s Cancer Trust.
17.1 The rules for each section can only be varied by a full meeting of the relevant
Committee, or by the holding of an Extraordinary General Meeting, and rule changes can only
be carried by a 75% vote in favour.
17.2 Rules which affect both sections can only be varied with the consent of both sections,
each section voting at least 75% in favour.
17.3 Each Committee shall decide any other matters not covered by the foregoing
Signed Witnessed
(J A Porter)
Chairman J. G Gawthorpe Position Senior Club rep
Date 17th March 2008 . Date 17th March 2008
Ratified at meeting of Youth Committee Date 17th March 2008

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